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Hosting backyard barbecues and outdoor entertaining is as Texan as football. Unfortunately, the weather in Aubrey can make it difficult for you to enjoy time outdoors, especially when the sun is blazing overhead. Patio covers provide an outdoor living solution that will allow you and your family to enjoy your backyard like never before. The popularity of patio covers and backyard entertaining has soared in the past 10 years, and because of this trend, many new homes are built with a patio cover option included.



Aubrey Patio Covers 

There are many different styles available for a shingled patio cover. Four of the most popular options include:

  • Open Gable Patio Cover

This type of patio cover has a roof with a vaulted ceiling with an open front so your covered patio will have a very open feeling to it and lets in the maximum amount of light. Options for the ceiling finish include: Pine or cedar tongue-and-groove planks, exposed rafters, reclaimed wood, and more. Your project designer can help you choose the best finish for the ceiling to create a style that is complimentary to the design and style of your home.

  • Shed Style Patio Cover

A Shed Style patio cover roof consists of a single plane that has a gentle slope. The patio cover style that is right for your backyard depends on many factors, including the shape of your existing roof, the amount of space you have to work with, and most importantly, your personal preference.

  • Hip & Ridge Patio Cover

A hip & ridge style patio cover has a traditional roof line where all sides slope downwards. This style can be used for patio covers that are attached the the house, or for standalone patio covers.

  • Patio Cover with Drop Ceiling

A drop ceiling is a secondary ceiling, which is flat across and does not follow the angles of the roof. This is mainly a style preference, as some prefer it to look of an open gable patio cover, or exposed rafters, but in some instances, it may be necessary for the design of your patio cover. Your project manager can go over this option with you and answer any questions you may have.

The patio cover in the first picture below has a drop ceiling, while the patio cover in the second picture has a ceiling that follows the shape of the structure. 

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Pergola with Drop Ceiling in Aubrey

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Gabled Patio Cover in Aubrey


Aubrey Pergolas

A pergola is an open-concept structure for your backyard designed to provide some shade while still letting in plenty of sunlight, and gently outline a seating or entertaining area. With the subtle, natural beauty of exposed cedar rafters, a pergola will completely transform your backyard and create a cozy, relaxing hangout for you and your guests.

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