Springtime is almost here and it’s time to clear the dust off the patio and fire up the grill. Some folks may be fortunate enough to live in a climate where year-round outdoor enjoyment is an option. For those of us living in Mckinney, and Frisco, TX who developed cabin fever over the winter, we are ready to get excited about the prospect of sun, springtime, and fresh air.

Tips to help you “spring” into action:

1. Start Now! This sounds simple, but while it’s still chilly out you may not have outdoor living on your mind. Now is the time to think about new furniture, grilling equipment and landscaping. Create an account and start thinking about ideas for new springtime renovations.

2. Take an Inventory and prepare for your dream outdoor space. Consider the items you currently have available in your Frisco, TX garage or storage space or that may already be set up outdoors. Do they need to be replaced, updated or repaired?  Think of what your outdoor space looks like now and think of the areas where you would like to expand, remodel or add décor. Living in North Texas you must Consider each aspect of your ideal outdoor space: Outdoor structures (Pergolas, Shade, Gazebos), Grills (Gas, Electric, Charcoal, Pellet), Outdoor Kitchens and Outdoor Entertainment areas (outdoor TVs, sinks, side burners, kegerators, spas, etc), Outdoor Lighting and Heating (solar lights and infrared heating options), Campfires and Fire Pits, Fireplaces (Gas and Gel Fueled), Outdoor Furniture, and Landscaping (plants, water features, pathways, etc).

Also, think of the activities or reasons for using the space. Maybe you want it for grilling with friends and hosting outdoor parties and entertaining.  Maybe you just want a tranquil retreat, a personal sanctuary, or a place to relax with family.

3.  Prep Work. One you know your budget, space, and materials, create a shopping list.  Include any foundation work such as laying pavement, staining, landscaping, gas lines, or installation that may need to be done. Be sure to check on the layout of the land – some items that require installation may need a flat area.

4.  DIY (Do It Yourself).  All North texans want

Detached Gabled Patio Cover w/ Fireplace

to save a buck, and you may find you’re capable of some set up work on your own. This means fewer payments to contractors – leaving you more money in your pocket.  Consider  Finishing custom projects (example: purchasing an unfinished island or campfire and using your own time to finish it).

5.  Save time. Find local talent to help with assembly and setup.  Contact local contractors to see what they have for  options.  This may take a bit of time to set up, but will save you the time and effort in the long run.

6. Don’t Limit Yourself. Think big in your planning and begin with the essentials.  You can always pull back on spending or the amount of time you want to spend creating your perfect customized space. It’s helpful to have a structured plan, because if you don’t know where you’re going – then you’re probably already there.