You may be familiar with the term “the internet of things,” which refers to everyday objects connecting with each other and your smartphone. This concept and other advanced technologies are moving into the kitchen. Here’s what the future looks like for food storage, prep and cooking. High-Tech Outdoor Kitchens of the Future are a great way to improve your backyard.

Interconnected Appliances

If you reside in Frisco, Tx or surrounding cities (Plano, McKinney, etc.) expect to see sensors in refrigerators that connect with your smartphone to let you know when your food is about to expire. You’ll also be notified when you’re running low on milk, eggs or other essentials. Ultraviolet light in your fridge will sterilize food and keep it from spoiling, and ovens will alert you when you’re about to burn the cookies. Some manufacturers are also working to synchronize ovens with microwaves so main dishes and sides are perfectly cooked and ready at the same time. High-

High-Tech Tools and Surfaces

You can currently buy pans that monitor the temperature of the food you’re cooking, and induction cooktops that only heat the pan and not the rest of the burner are in the works. Cooking surfaces, counters and sinks will soon adjust in height to accommodate individual users, which is particularly useful for children and those with disabilities. Data from fitness-tracking devices will be used by integrated systems to give meal recommendations, such as what to eat after an intense workout. A beautiful home in Plano, Texas deserves these devices of the future, it is 2017 and time to move forward! Plenty of Fridges now have smart control and can connect to many devices around your home, soon we will all own a smart house!

The kitchens of tomorrow will hopefully help eliminate waste, save us money, simplify cooking and make our lives easier. And don’t be surprised if you start hearing about 3-D food printing in the near future. It’s already here in Plano TX.

High-Tech Outdoor Kitchens of the Future are a great way to improve your backyard.