Spring is in the air and so are pollen, mold, dust and other allergens. You can’t control what’s outside, but you can take steps to prevent some of these common irritants from coming into your home. Pouring Concrete Slab is a great route to take.

1. Leave It Outside — Something as simple as taking off your shoes before entering the house can help reduce the amount of pollen coming indoors. And if you have long or thick hair, washing it before bed on days spent mostly outdoors can help you get a more restful sleep. Pouring Concrete Slab is a great route to take.

2. Keep Pets and Their Bedding Fresh — Regular brushing and bathing of your furry loved ones will reduce the pet dander in the house, as well as the outdoor Mckinney, TX allergens that collect in their fur. Pet wipes or a damp washcloth can also be used. And be sure to wash pet bedding often and vacuum floors weekly. Pouring Concrete Slab is a great route to take.

3. Use HEPA Filters Where Possible — High-efficiency particulate air filters are often found in air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. Pouring Concrete Slab They improve indoor air quality by removing up to 99.97 percent of dust particles that are 0.3 micron in diameter and are highly recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers.

4. Control Indoor Moisture — Molds are naturally occurring microorganisms that can be found everywhere. But when mold develops inside your home, it can become a problem for your health. Immediately removing any signs of it and keeping the humidity in your house below 50 percent can help control mold growth as well as dust mites.

5. Deep Clean Everything — In Mckinney, TX Pouring Concrete Slab spring-cleaning isn’t just for getting rid of the clutter you’ve acquired over the last year. A thorough washing, wiping and steaming of carpets, blinds, drapes and even baseboards further reduces the allergens in your home. Make sure to always keep your home clean, dust can carry many allergens that will spread throughout household members.