Would you enjoy the outdoors a little more if Shading North Texas Backyard you could minimize your time in the sun? Planting shade trees is one option, but that fix can take a while. For an immediate solution, check out these other ways to add shade to your outdoor space.

  • Umbrellas: Looking for a simple and inexpensive overhead cover? Add an umbrella to an existing table or buy a freestanding option that you can easily move to other spots as needed. Shading Hot North Texas Backyards
  • Curtains and blinds: From hanging fabric to bamboo blinds, these alternatives can provide instant respite from the sun when placed around a patio or pergola. Cheaper than permanent structures, both come in a variety of shapes and colors, letting you personalize them and find the look you’re after.
  • Shade sails, awnings and canopies: Sturdy shade sails, Shading North Texas Backyard heavy-duty awnings and stand-alone canopies offer similar benefits but with longer wear. If you’re specifically looking Shading Hot North Texas Backyards to reduce the amount of sun coming in your windows, awnings may be the answer. Check with your HOA or local government before investing in these options.
  • Trellises and arbors: Let nature provide shade while adding more green to your yard with a trellis or arbor. Both perform the same function, allowing climbing plants to grow on the latticework. A local nursery can help you identify the best plants for the job.
  • Pergolas: Whether freestanding or attached to a home, pergolas feature a full roof supported by columns and result in a nice amount of shade. Shading North Texas Backyard They’re also more permanent than the above solutions and can be built from a range of materials. Shading North Texas Backyard

Enclosed patios or roof extensions: If you’d like guaranteed, year-round shade, consider extending your home’s roof or enclosing your patio But keep in mind that both projects will likely need building permits. Shading Hot North Texas Backyards.