Summer is a popular time for family trips and, unfortunately, home break-ins. When planning your next vacation, consider how you can best protect your home while you are gone. Start with the suggestions below:North Texas Home Security Tips

Hold the Deliveries –North Texas Home Security Tips A full mailbox or packages piled at your front door is a clear sign no one’s home. Let the postal service and any package delivery service know you’ll be gone, and request that they hold your items until you return. Do the same for the newspaper and any other regularly delivered item.

Make It Look Lived In — Have a trusted friend or neighbor put the garbage out by the curb and pick it up at night. Keep the grass mowed. A toy or two in the yard might help, just nothing too valuable. Any normal activities that happen when you’re home can continue to give the illusion of someone home.

Light It Up —  North Texas Home Security Tips  Lights on timers or motion sensors are an excellent defense. Make them better by varying the times the lights come on and off. You can also put a timer on your TV. Lights that mimic human activity are the best deterrent. North Texas Home Security Tips For Your Next Trip

Use Technology — There is a broad range of technological solutions that can add a layer of security while you’re away. Smartphone apps can turn on and off the lights, activate a camera or even check the thermostat remotely. North Texas Home Security Tips For Your Next Trip.

Invest in a Security System — Having a security system with 24-hour monitoring will likely give you the most peace of mind and offer the best home protection.

If you’re concerned about your home being targeted by thieves while you’re on vacation, it can be difficult to fully relax and enjoy yourself. A few basic security measures, however, can keep worries — and burglars — at bay. North Texas Home Security Tips