Do you and the other adults in your home know where the various utility shut-offs are located? Identifying when, why and how to turn off services like electricity, gas and water can keep you safe and reduce damage should a dangerous situation arise in Mckinney, TX.

How to Shut Off Electricity
Whether you are installing a new dimmer switch or have an emergency, you’ll need to access the circuit breaker or fuse Mckinney, TX Need to turn off the power entirely? Flip the main circuit breaker. Shut-off valve If you’re only looking to cut power or make repairs to a particular appliance or section of your home, shut off the corresponding branch circuit breaker.

Older homes in Mckinney, TX may have fuse boxes instead of circuit breakers. If that’s the case, remove the appropriate fuse before making a small repair or use the main disconnect switch to disable power to the entire house.

Turning the Water Off
If you’re fixing a leaky faucet or toilet, you can usually turn off the water at the source; just look for the valve behind or below the fixture. If it’s a larger emergency like a broken pipe, head to the main indoor shut-off valve. Look in the basement or utility area or around the inside perimeter of your home, and turn the valve handle clockwise to stop the flow.

Your last option is the water company’s shut-off, Shut-off valve which is outdoors by the meter and often housed beneath a steel or iron lid. Many valves require a special tool and may be better left to a professional.

Locating the Gas
Turning off the gas supply to your home comes with more risk than other utilities. For that reason, experts recommend only turning off the gas at the outdoor meter if you know where the leak is and that it hasn’t been leaking for long. Shut-off valve If you’re unsure, leave the building immediately and call the fire department or gas company for help.